Frustration and discouragement are always homemade with a little thought, we find that time,without it's whip, is a great encourager. Our job is to learn to love time to value it for the value it brings.

Time has meaning only when it holds experiences that impress when it expands life's  meaning for US it seems to drag or fly according to what it holds once we grasp this,  we begin to master the role it plays in our lives creating time as and when we want it.

Let me give you an example of making time. My first love is lecture work. I do over twenty  leactures a year and love every moment of them I have never been trained as a writer, so I find writing and reading very demanding on my abilities. Yet I have trained myself to read and write through discipline.

Because I would rather be lecturing I must make time to read and write. And this post was important enough to Me to make that time. For few days, I shut myself I shut myself off from the world and my friends thought I was sick. I only worked on the manuscript. After all, what are few days out of my life when the results may benefit many people?

Although I was sick to everyone else, I was very much alive in what I was doing. My excitement and enthusiasm were self-created and enable me to complete this post. In essence, writing the post demanded discipline, making time and creating the excitement and enthusiasm which carried me through. 

So many people are bored. They say there is nothing to do. How sad this is! They drink, play bridge, knit and do almost anything for the sake of killing time. But while they are killing time they are also killing their creative imaginations. They have no time for study, meditation or self-improvement. As has been observed so wisely, we are taught to save time and waste our lives.

Life is to act. Not to act is death. The clock is ticking away. Life is an emergency. The time is now.

Visualize yourself as a person who always does things now. Everything you envision is done right away. If you really want or, at very least, you make plans to do it right away. If you really want to be emotionally strong, healthy, successful and alive, find time to study and meditate on the principles we have been talking about. It takes time to be successful. Lots of time. There is no magic formula. It takes, study, meditation and action.

Make use of the time God has given you.
Most people do not realize the value of time until they come to the end of it, then they beg for few minutes more. Those who died in the last twenty-four hours would have given anything for another twenty-four hours. You can spend the next twenty-four hours reaching your true potential or sliding down into your own particular hell. The choice is always yours.

 Suddenly you will begin to realize that a correct sense of timing is nothing more than an instinctive response to the moment, governed by innate good taste and common sense. You will experience a new sense of control. You will learn to relax tension that prevent the smooth interaction of mind and body. The more you experience a sense of correct timing, the more self-confident you will become. One of the basic characteristics of a successful person is their instinctive sense of timing.

As a deliberate act, timing is studied by actresses, radio and TV performers, artists, dancers, writers, comedians and... Lecturers. I am very time conscious because I have to be. I check my watch just before I go to stage.

My mind is on the present moment. I quietly think about the audience which will be mentally linked with me in the next few minutes. I think about how they will be able to benefit from what I am about to share, and how I will benefit from their receptivity. And I time myself accordingly.
  When I finish speaking, people come up and thank me. I received hundreds of latter's. It's all worth it. It isn't a waste of time because I'm having the time of my life!


Beacuse we exist in a universe of magnificent rhythm of repetition in action. In your assumed mastery of time, never regard regularity as a mundane, dull, uninteresting matter of duty, but think of it as the same type of rhythm that makes music enjoyable.

The challenge and invitation are to swing along with it and catch the tempo of the melody of life. One of the principal objectives of this book is to help you build more self-confident so you can enjoy the  TIME OF YOUR LIFE!




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